Trans Futures is one of Texas’s only conferences created to connect trans-allied health professionals with the public.

Out Youth, a LGBTQ+ focused non-profit in Austin, was in need of branding for their first transgender health conference, Trans Futures.

Narrowing down a direction

Initially, design direction was wide open. To get gears turning, I offered an array of drafts that ranged from trendy to Texan.
OutYouth and I worked through two rounds of edits before we narrowed in on a final solution.

Empower and uplift

As visuals fell into place, the brand strategy emerged. We set out to empower attendees in choosing the best health care for themselves. I developed our final logo with an upward skew to best encapsulate this feeling of uplift.
I expanded upon the theme of empowerment by incorporating superhero-esque elements. For the logo, an abstracted superhero shield and arrow supports the wordmark and mood.
Through our design process, I could help guide the client through questions of why and how.

The final assets embodied empowerment and positivity, with a healthy balance between professional and fun.

A purple and black color scheme served as an alternative to traditional gendered color palettes.

The skewed text motif was flexible enough to apply throughout extended brand collateral.