A little background... 

Below is a sampling of my design & art direction work at UT Austin. 

This work was done as part of the Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services (LAITS) Design Studio.

Currently, I am the Art Director at LAITS. I design and develop marketing campaigns for the college (below), as well as oversee the work and training of 13 undergrad designers.
Our design team helps UT faculty with anything they need to be successful: creating websites, promotional assets, instructional graphics, and more. 

My roles 
Art direction
Production design
Campaign strategy
Media planning

Fall 2020 - ongoing



UT Summer School is inspired by the idea that future you will thank you - for getting ahead in your degree, for taking that pre-requesite class, and more - all at a reduced cost.

I work with Directors of UT’s of Course Development to create an annual campaign that has led to consistenly increased summer enrollment at UT over the last three years.

Campaign title

“Future you will thank you”

Key Themes
  • Affordable $500 core courses needed to graduate
  • Flexible courses available  online & on-demand (asynchronous)
  • Wide variety of course types taught by top UT faculty

Postcards sent to 30,000 students. QR code to our landing page.

The summer at UT is a great opportunity for students to get ahead in their degree. However, there is a lack of awareness and some misinformation around what UT summers have to offer.

The goal of “future you will thank you is to raise awareness about UT’s summer options and encourage students to continue making progress towards their degree throughout the summer semester.
In 2021, UT launched $500 tuition for high-enrollment core courses taken during the summer. This was instrumental in our final messaging to budget-conscious students and their families.

With our campaign’s support, UT has consistently seen online summer course enrollment increase beyond COVID (2020-2021) numbers in spite of rumored “online school fatigue”.