To begin, I worked with Dell Med to understand their goals for the summit. It is key to understand my client’s vision in these early stages. This creates a harmonious working experience and cuts down on back-and-forth because we are already on the same page. Here’s what we came up with:

  • Meet, not watch
    Build discussion among participants, and provide opportunities to learn and to teach beyond lectures or Q&As.

  • Practice, not lecture
    Participants work together to overcome distrust and uncertainty, and build towards relationship-centered care.
  • How-to, not theory-of
    We are do-ers, we make change happen. The summit will highlight leading innovators in healthcare.

  • Together, not alone
    After 2 years apart during the pandemic, this will be an opportunity make new friends you can call on for advice, encouragement, energy, and renewal.

Logo exploration centered around themes of communication, connection, and compassion.

My clients and I discussed how traditional medical training often overemphasizes health, and does not focus enough on patient relationships and bedside care. Their belief that we need both health and care inspired our final logo, the ampersand that visually doubles as a heart.