My roles
Web design
Client liason

- August 2021


Exposure Therapy Consortium is an international group of researchers and clinicians, in need of a website to share recent publications and clinical resources.

I worked with two ETC representatives and a developer to create the ETC site. The process has been very collaborative; our team creates pages to the site as the Consortium grows.

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To begin, I met with ETC to learn more about their goals & brand. We developed five key themes to base our web design:
  • Future-thinking
  • Innovative
  • Credible
  • Accessible
  • Global

Inspiration sites that embodied 1 or more of ETC’s five values.

From this, I took away four design insights to apply to our rough site outline:

1.   Modern and clean
  • Minimalist layout, negative space
  • Light and airy

2.   Hints of futurism
  • Subtle animation
  • Global imagery, simple and recognizable
  • Geometric or 3D graphics

3.  Establish credibility
  • Well-labelled content
  • Colors: blues and grays
  • High quality photography/graphics

4.  Accessibility
  • WACG web accessibility standards
  • Multi-language support
  • Responsive screen sizes

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