The work showcased below by David Cannon Dashiell contains mature LGBTQ content.
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Feb - May 2022

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David Cannon Dashiell (1952-1993) was an artist whose work explored sexuality and the AIDS epidemic, of which he died of. Throughout his career, Dashiell collected numerous awards and exhibitions in the San Francisco MOMA and elsewhere.

In 2022, there is now an emerging re-interest in his work. His Estate needed a new site that could archive his work and appeal to a new generation of LGBTQ scholars & artists.

I worked with Dashiell’s executor & estate to develop the site through my own freelance initative.

I designed and developed the site through Cargo Collective. Alongside their site building tools, I added custom HTML, CSS, & Javascript to bring the design to life.

site Goals & Execution


Visually luscious: emphasis on the art
As the official archive of his work, the site’s main goal is to showcase David’s art.

I set the images against an off-black background so his highly saturated colors could shine. Black also gives the site a feeling of reverence and memorialization.