My roles 
Layout design

May-July 2021


Assessing Solidarity (2021) is a digital workbook and guide for student organizations to critically reflect on their community service projects.

I worked directly with my client, an ESI Scholar, to develop this 22-page workbook as supplementary interactive materials for their thesis.

Inspiration materials provided by client.
For this project, my client was passionate about getting her thesis info out of academia and into the hands of her target audience, UT student organizations.

To assist her, I developed this PDF workbook that includes discussion questions, key vocabulary, and links to supplementary readings.

Stylewise, the workbook needed to convey dense information while appearing welcoming and accessible to 18-22 year olds. Trendy typefaces, colorful gradients, and spot illustrations did the trick.

I took the project from an unformatted Word document into a 22-page PDF ready to be downloaded by student organizations.

Spot Illustrations
I developed a series of illustrations using Procreate and Photoshop.

I relied on a limited color palette and characters to keep a cohesive look throughout the workbook.

To make our tone casual and friendly, I utilized sketchy textures and doodle-like patterns.